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英文书信一般由六部分组成。即:信头(Heading)、信内地址(Inside Address), 称呼(Salutation),正文(Body of Letter)、结束语(Complimentary Close)、署名(Signature), 有时在书信后面还有附言(Postscript)、附件(Enclosure),这得视具体情况而定。下面将分别说明。

1. 信头(Heading)

信头是指写信人的地址和写信日期, 一般写在或打在第一面信纸的右上角,先写地址再写日期,地址的写法是从小到大,先写门牌号、路号,再写区名、市名、省名,最后写国名。时间的写法对英国人和美国人而言是不同的。英国人习惯按日、月、年的顺序写, 而美国人习惯按月、日、年的顺序写。

例如: 英式:1st October,1999 美式:October 1,1999 在使用前一种形式时,月和年之间的逗号可用可不用,但是在后一种形式中,必需要使用逗号。 信头的写法有缩进式和齐头式。缩进式每行开头向右缩进一两个字母;齐头式左边对齐排列,如下所示: 缩进式 Wang Ming Dept. of Chemical Engineering Dalian University of Technology Dalian 116023 Liaoning Province P. R. China 齐头式 Wang Ming Dept. of Chemical Engineering Dalian University of Technology Dalian 116023 Liaoning Province P. R. China

2. 信内地址 (Inside Address)


例如: 缩进式 The President Oxford University England

齐头式 Jiang Bin 64Heping Road P.R.China


称呼是对收信人的称谓。在信内地址下一两行处顶格写起,自成一行。末尾用逗号或冒号。 (1)当给一位熟悉的人写信时可以用Dear 或是My Dear。在英国,My Dear 比Dear亲切,而在美国,Dear比My Dear 亲切。 (2)当给一位你不知婚否的女性写信时,可以用Ms. ,这是指 女士 。 (3)在给不熟悉的人写信时,可以用Dear sir, Dear Madam, Dear sirs, Gentleman 等等。

4正文(Body of Letter)


常用的开头语有: I have received your letter of July Ist. 7月1 日来信已经收悉。 I have the pleasure to tell you that .很高兴告诉你 。 I am very much delighted to receive your letter. 非常高兴收到你的来信。 It is my honor to inform you that 很荣幸告诉你 。 常用的结束套话有: I am looking forward to hearing from you 盼早日回信。 Wish best regards. 祝好。 Thank you for your help 感谢你的帮助! Wish my best wishes for your success. 祝你成功。 Wishing you a happy holiday. 祝假日愉快! Hoping to hear from you soon. 希望能尽快收到你的回信。

5结束语(Complimentary Close)


常用的结束语有: 一般非正式的关系: Yours sincerely, Yours truly, Yours faithfully, Most sincerely, Faithfully yours, 亲密的关系: Love, Yours love, Yours Affectionately, With love, Lovingly yours, Yours ever, 上级和长者: Yours respectfully, Faithfully yours,



如: Yours sincerely, Lucy Blake (手写) Lucy Blake (Miss)(打印) Sales Manager


在信件正文写作时可能漏掉了某些事,或临时发生了某事需要补充时,可以在信下面左下方写出上P.S. 如果随信有附件可在爱左下端注明。

如: Enclosure:1.Invoice(发票) 2.Resume(个人简历)



1祝贺信 当朋友有了喜事,如结婚、高升、获奖的时候,你可以向他写出一封祝贺信,表达你的嘱咐与恭贺。


Mechanical Engineering Department Dalian University of Technology Dalian 116023 Liaoning,China November28,1999 Mr. WangXiming Mechanical Engineering Department Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Mass. 02139 U.S.A. Dear Mr. Wang, Thank you for your letter of November 3,1999. I am sorry not to have written back earlier but time seems to pass so quickly. I learnt from your letter that you had received you master s degree. I would like to congratulate you on your splendid success. In this letter I am bringing you a piece of good news:your wife gave a birth of a boy last week and she ins in good health now. The baby weighed eight jin at birth. Yesterday my wife and some other neighbors went to the hospital to see your wife and to congratulate her on the birth. She told them that she had been nursed with the best care since she was in hospital. Now I m taking the Visiting School Test in Beijing. If I pass the examination, I ll leave for America soon. If not, I ll wait for another chance. I ve never been to the U.S.A., and I know little about the institutions and customs there. I hope that you will write to me and tell me more about them. With best regards to you and your classmates. Yours sincerely, Zhang Jiao 2 感谢信 当别人帮了你一个忙时,你应该给他写封信,以示感激。 例文2 Dear John: Thank you very much for the nice birthday present you have sent me! I have been longing for a dictionary for a long time. It will surly be very helpful to my study. It s very nice of you to remember my birthday. I ll make good use of the dictionary and I ll think of you with gratitude and affection every time I use it. Love, Sally 3邀请信 当邀请某位朋友参加活动,如交游、宴会时,可以写一封邀请信。信的语气应该谦逊,热情。 例文3 Dear Mr. Clark: We are wondering if you and Mrs. Clark want to have supper with us on Friday, January 21st at seven o clock? James and I are looking forward with great pleasure to seeing you and Mrs.Clark. We do hope you can come. Sincerely yours, Lucy Wheeler

4 申请信




The Department of Civil Engineering Dalian University of Technology Dalian 116023 Liaoning Province P.R.China November 20,1999 Prof. Steeve Hunter The Dept. Of Civil Engineering **** University New Your, NY 10017 U.S.A Dear Professor Steeve Hunter, I have for many years cherished the hope of studying civil engineering under your personal guidance as a graduate student in your university, to which your name has added so much luster. I was enrolled to study civil engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering Of Zhejiang University in September 1992.I graduated from Zhejiang University in July 1996. And ever since my graduation, I have been teaching in the Department of Civil Engineering of Dalian University of Technology. If you could tell the necessany procedure of taking the graduate course of your department, I will be very grateful to you. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely yours, Zhao Hui (手写) Zhao Hui (打印)



Dear My Friend,

How are you? Do you want to know about my English study?OK,I will tell you.

I study English at Sunday afternoon at two o clock.I study JianQiao English.And,last Saterday I took part in the Public English Test.I think I can pass.And,next Monday,my school will have an English words test.I want to take part in.I am sure,I can win.

Well,it s late.In the end of my letter,I put my best wishes for you!

Please write to me soon!




信纸没有特别的 要求,如果是写给朋友的话,可以用带图案漂亮的信纸。