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耀中学子情系武汉 拳拳之心牵动中华

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  Our Hearts Are with Wuhan and China | “耀中学子情系武汉,拳拳之心牵动中华”

  The YCIS Qingdao community has been conducting e-learning for a month or so due to the COVID-19 outbreak。 The situation is still quite unclear and has raised global awareness。 However, whenever there are risks, there are also opportunities。 Our YCIS Qingdao educators decided to take a step forward, bringing out a successful Project Based Learning in our Chinese Department with not only concerns of the virus and the wellbeing of our school community, but also learning opportunities for our students。

  With our e-learning concept fully implemented, the distance between teachers and students has brought them closer by the internet。 We would like to highlight some of our students’ work – our hearts are with Wuhan and China!



  *Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects。 | 项目式学习:学生通过一段时间内对真实的、复杂的问题进行探究,并从中获得知识和技能。

  Year 1: It was a very different Chinese New Year Holiday。 Mommy and daddy have cancelled our travel plans, and there were fewer people in the street。 Everyone who’s been outside wearing a mask。 What on earth is happening? | 一年级:今年的春节假期和往常很不一样。爸爸妈妈不让我们出去玩,马路上的人也少了很多,他们还都戴着口罩。究竟发生了什么事情呢?

  Year 2: Oh… we’re surrounded by a virus! And the disease has been named the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)。 The virus looks like this: | 二年级:原来是一个叫做新型冠状病毒的小淘气悄悄地来到了我们身边!这个病毒会导致新型冠状病毒肺炎。病毒长这个样子:

  ▼Year 1 and Year 2 students drawings of the Coronavirus | 一二年级学生们眼中的新冠病毒

  ▼ Year 1 student inctroducing his drawing in Chinese | 一年级学生用中文介绍自己的画作

  Year 2: The infection will cause pneumonia, and many people have been sick。 Some people get a higher body temperature。 Some have been coughing or having trouble breathing – and some even have lost their lives! And the virus is so tiny that we cannot see it。 | 二年级:这个病毒的出现让很多人都生了严重的病,他们发烧、咳嗽、呼吸困难,甚至会死亡!新型冠状病毒个子非常小,小到我们用肉眼都看不到它!

  Year 4: Then how do we properly protect ourselves and our family from being ill? | 四年级:那么,新冠病毒为什么会有这么大的威力?我们怎么才能科学地保护好自己和家人呢?

  ▼ Student Research on the Transmission and Protection of COVID-19 | 学生通过查找资料,归纳总结新冠病毒的传播途径及预防措施

  ▼ Year 2 student inctroducing his booklet in Chinese | 二年级学生用中文介绍自己的手绘书

  ▼ And we encourage everyone to live a balanced Life! | 希望大家保持健康生活习惯

  Year 3: We have learned from mom and dad that many people are fighting with the virus by their hard work。 This is really kind, and we are so proud of them! | 三年级:我们从身边的人还有新闻里了解到,各行各业的人都争先恐后走上前线,与病毒作斗争。我们和爸爸妈妈、同学们一样,都被这无私奉献的精神所感动!

  Year 8: The virus has set us apart, but with love, our hearts are always together。 Countless ordinary people have touched our lives with their heartwarming stories。 One of our classmates has designed his own animation, namely 24 Hours of the Security Guard under the Outbreak of the Virus。 | 八年级:隔离病毒但不隔离爱!在这种艰难时刻,很多普通人也展现着自己伟大而不平凡的爱。我们班上的同学身兼编剧、导演、动画设计等多重身份,以此为背景创作了一部精彩的视频动画《疫情之下:小区保安的24小时》。

  Year 8: From the news and our parents, we have learned day by day that more doctors and nurses have devoted themselves to the battlefield。 They are so busy with their patients and even have no time for food。 It was really heartbreaking to see that one of the many nurses, who at the same time is also a mother, cried “I miss you…” to her children through a video call。 | 八年级:在新闻上,我们得知医生每天早起晚归,听家长说,抗疫前线的医护人员每天都特别忙碌,有时候连饭都吃不上,坚守岗位。安慰每一位患者的同时,却只能拒接家人的电话。身为母亲的护士在摘下口罩的一刻,疲惫的脸上满是勒痕,对着屏幕里自己的儿女说,“我好想你啊”,这一切都使我们落泪,我们真切的体会到医护人员的不容易。

  ▼An illustration by YCIS Qingdao Year 10 student | 十年级学生创作漫画

  Year 5: Some of our classmates have composed their own feelings regarding the COVID-19 into lyrics, and with the chosen music, we recorded several raps。 Listen to them, and you will understand how eager we would like to return to our school! Some classmates, on the other hand, did their research on foreign aid to China。 It is strongly believed that we must stay united and connect as one to win this fight with the virus! | 五年级:了解了冠状病毒的来源与传播途径、疫情的现状后,我们班上有的同学将自己的心情谱写成了歌词,并且搭配着音乐,录制成了RAP歌曲。期待我们大家能够早日返回校园!还有的同学采访了家人,请他们讲讲国际社会对中国的援助。我们懂得了,在灾难面前,全世界要团结一致,相互帮助,才能拥有更美好的明天。

  Year 6: Where did the Coronavirus come from? Are bats the most likely hosts? And how did humans get it? We, as YCIS Journalists, have researched these questions and interviewed our family members。 We have made our own wildlife protection videos as well – hopefully, by sharing it, more people can take their action in protecting our animal friends。 | 六年级:新型冠状病毒如何从蝙蝠的身上传播到人的身上?今天,我们都化身耀中小记者,调查了疫情的真相;并希望通过观看我们自己制作的环保宣传片,更多的人能够加入到保护野生动物的行列中。

  Year 10: The COVID-19 has raised much awareness in not only helping hands in our neighborhood but also the efforts made by the nation and the government。 However, we must also not forget the topics such as Foreign Aid, International Affairs, and the Community of Common Destiny, although they seem a bit far from our daily life。 And please remember to be kind。 Staying together as one and reaching our help hands to each other, we will surely win the fight。 | 十年级:在这次的疫情中,大多数人关注的是政府的努力、民族的同心协力、街坊邻居的互帮互助。而国际帮助、国际关系、人类命运共同体……不能因为这些话题离我们有些遥远,就选择把目光移向别处。请时刻记得:受人帮助而心怀感恩,难堪之时而施以援手。历史真切而万众信服,人类齐聚而上下一心,这才是我们立足世界的理由。

  ▼ Heros, by Year 10 student | 十年级学生创作文章

  ▼ “Stay Strong Wuhan, Stay Strong China!” | “武汉加油,中国加油!”

  Not only the Chinese Department but also the whole YCIS Qingdao community is amazed by the abundant knowledge and skills that our students have gained during the previous PBL week。 We sincerely hope that our special thanks find our parents well。 The YCIS families stay together with the school community as always, and this has been one of the key reasons that our students continue to receive a healthy and happy learning environment, during this difficult time。


  For non-YCIS parents interested in enrolling their child(ren), please be aware that all campus tours, academic interviews and student admissions’ assessments will be postponed until the school reopens。 | 如您还未加入青岛耀中但是对入学感兴趣,请知晓,所有的校园参观、教学面试和入学测试均将推迟至学校返校后进行。

  However, we encourage you to complete the online enquiry form via the ‘Admissions Enquiry’ page on our official website。 One of our Admissions Advisors will make contact with you as soon as possible。 | 我们仍建议您点击青岛耀中校园官网上的“联系招生部”以在线填写咨询表,我校招生部同事会尽快与您取得联系。

  We also invite you to consult YICSQD Admissions by calling +86 156 6620 7017 for more information。 | 您亦可通过青岛耀中招生部电话(+86 156 6620 7017)与我们取得联系。